Shooka Web Client
It was a very great experience because I made this project from scratch. First my company needed a MVP to present to our board of directors. They kindly trusted me and leted me to create a much bigger project. So after approval I was responsible for architecture of the whole system and added lots of features to it.

After the time that project was more stable and scaled well, I built a small but harmonized team of front-end developers and we developed on scrum methodology.

This project was created with Vue.js, Vuex, Sass and etc. Users after login, had access to their list of scheduled meetings. They could search by dates for their meetings.
If they had some active meetings, they could join to them. Meetings had two role of users, one was a normal participant and another one was moderator of meeting.
Each role had it's one sidebar and features. They could send messages to each other privately or as group chat. It was implemented by web sockets. New messages and notifications has been shown to users.
Our back-end was created with Java Spring Boot and Microservices architecture and I designed and developed signalling and state management of our conferences as a service called control-meeting too.