The Govesta main website was a monolith project written in Next.js where users could search throught a list of properties for rent and buy.
For making a good Search-engine-optimazation the projects was build as a unversal application with ability of server-side-rendering.
It was communicating with our back-end through a RESTful Api.
It depended to our two other projects. Ui-library which we kept all of our UI components in it and it had a nice little storybook to make them visible to the whole team and another project we called govesta-global to keep our shared information and translations.

When I was working on this project, I managed to upgrade it form next.js 7 to next.js 10 (the latest stable version on that time) to use its many brand new features such automatic sub-routing which made our multi-lingual implementation much easier.
After the upgrading the whole project, we deployed it as serverless on amazing vercel.